Cubicle Exodus 2018

Will 2018 Be The Year That You Grow Your Passion Into A Business That Earns Full Time?


Real Friends, Don’t Let Friends Quit Without a Strategy!

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your career and have your soul yearning and screaming for more. Let me be clear, it wasn’t that I didn’t have a wonderful career. My cushy IT engineering job provided security and an amazing income for my family and myself. However, no matter how much I ascended up the Corporate Ladder, the more emotionally bankrupt I felt. My heart, soul, and every single fiber of my being told me that it was time for me to step out on faith and finally create a living using my divine talents.

 I’ll never forget that days of waking up to “Monday Morning Dread”. You know what I mean, that feeling you have when you realize it’s time to start a brand new workweek?

Nor will I forget all of the times I fought back the tears of frustration and discontentment in my wheat-colored cubicle space. One day I made the vow to myself that I would learn the skills required for me to leave my job and run a successful business full-time. I haven’t looked back since! Since leaving my job in 2014, I’ve inspired thousands of women through my books, podcasts, and online content. I’ve worked directly with hundreds of people through my programs, courses, and services to help them build their own profitable brands. Here are some of the cool places that I’ve been featured on .......... 

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Motivation for Female Entrepreneurs & Women Searchhiing for Their Purpose

It All Started With "Girl, Just Quit!"

Are you fed up with your day job? Do you have big dreams to pursue that you’ve had to put aside for your 9 to 5? Have you ever wanted to “just quit?” In Girl, Just Quit! you will find the tools and strategies to do just that. Using her personal journey to success as a backdrop, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist Brandy Butler gives you a step-by-step guide to preparing your mindset, your money and your marketing in order to pave your way out of the corporate world. Girl, Just Quit!, provides aspiring female entrepreneur with a roadmap that guides them out of the office and into a life and career of passion and purpose. As you read, you’ll discover that this is not a book about quitting. Girl, Just Quit is about winning at the game of life.

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What People Are Saying About "Girl, Just Quit!"

"Love the content & the author! Brandy brings wisdom, insight, and pure fun!"

LaKesha BrownHolistic Wellness Coach & Owner, Uncommon Chick Media

"Girl Just Quit provides the steps & strategies for those who are in transition from JOB to CEO. GJQ shows us how to do business exceptionally well. I also enjoy the authenticity of Brandy and how she shares who she is unapologetically. 5 Stars all the way! Keep it coming Brandy! GJQ ROCKS!"

Sabrina Meminger, Author & Coach, Mpact Life Enterprises

Introducing My Brand New Planner, "The Cubicle Exodus"! 

In “Girl, Just Quit”, Brandy Butler gave you the keys for building a business grounded with purpose and strategy so that you can move towards living a life with work that lights up your soul. "The Cubicle Exodus" is the workbook companion to "Girl, Just Quit". Where "Girl, Just Quit" leaves you with motivation, The Cubicle Exodus picks up with solid and customized strategy for your unique situation.

This workbook provides you with a picture glimpse of your overall job exit strategy, while helping you to break down your large job transition goals into small manageable milestones. Small milestones are vital to creating the large snowball effect of WINS for your business. Designed with thought-provoking exercises, rock solid tips, goal setting, monthly calendars, daily schedules, To-Do lists, notes, and more, "The Cubicle Exodus" the ultimate year-long planner for women who are ready to leave their current careers and want to live their passions full-time.

About The Author

After spending 15 years as an IT Engineer working at major Fortune 500 companies, Brandy Butler left her cushy career to pursue her passions. Now she helps female entrepreneurs, executives, and companies to create influential brands that attract a steady stream of clients, media, and speaking opportunities. She is a professional speaker, published author, and marketing strategist. Her book "Girl Just Quit" has helped thousands of women consider their smart job exit strategy. Brandy has been featured in places like Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Blogging While Brown, BlogHer, The Black Life Coaches Summit, and Podcast Movement. Her goal is to help you to own your worth, create a strong sense of well-being, and impact the world in a positive way.

Word On The Street....

"This was right on time for me!! Every page was an eye opener and confirmation that I need to take action and just do it!!" ~Angie Renee

"This book quickly became one of my top 3 go-to texts for building my business. Brandy Butler walks you step by step through the mindset and tangle actions that are essential for a profitable business. It could be easy to read it straight through but I found myself pausing after each chapter because it was so dense with profound information." ~Aleia M.

"I loved how RAW and authentic Brandy was able to deliver her message. No fluff just unfiltered TRUTH that really helped me get clear and develop a unapologetic mindset in order to get my brand and my business a voice that stands out in my industry. GREAT READ!!!" ~Sierra R.

Strategically Plan Your Career Transition! 

I’ve created both Girl Just Quit and The Cubicle Exodus to help you create a strategic approach to transitioning from your job rather than you just giving your boss the middle finger and burning down the ship. Passion is cool, but struggle is NOT, and struggle is exactly what you will face when you lack a strategy for growing your business online. It’s a good thing that you’ve decided to learn a better way and it starts with the “From Employee to Entrepreneur” starter kit!

"Great business tips, personal growth, and strategies to help you leap from 9-5 to entrepreneurship."

~Toya Nicole, Author, Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose

ex·o·dus: a mass departure of people, especially emigrants. Synonyms: mass departure, withdrawal, evacuation, leaving